NSU’s Alumna Featured in Authority Magazine

Gabriela Lechin, M.S., a 2016 graduate of the master’s program in National Security Affairs (now National Security Affairs and International Relations) in the Department of History and Political Science located within NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) was interviewed and featured in Authority Magazine, a Medium Publication. The publication features authorities in fields such as business, film, sports, and tech. The article focused on her background and advice to other executive level managers, entitled, “Women of the C-Suite: Respect Can Never Be Demanded,” with Gabriela Lechin of Global Results Communications.

Lechin is currently the Senior Vice-President for Global Results Communications. Her prior positions include the Senior Director of Communications and Creative Director for Seven-G, and being the co-founder and CFO of Appointy, Inc. She is an intelligence officer in the US Naval Reserve.

In addition to her master’s degree from NSU, Lechin earned her bachelor’s degree from Universidad Central Venezuela. She indicated that, “I have NSU to thank for many of the achievements that are coming my way today — especially in my military career.”

To access the article please go to https://medium.com/authority-magazine/women-of-the-c-suite-respect-can-never-be-demanded-with-gabriela-lechin-of-global-results-a0afc3eee372