Class of 2024 Welcomed with COVID-19-Related Curricular Modifications

On July 27, the class of 2024 students began their osteopathic odyssey by opening their laptops and diligently watching lectures from their homes. Though a different experience than expected without the traditional white coat ceremony or orientation week, the first-year students at both the Fort Lauderdale/Davie and Tampa Bay Regional campuses remained excited. To replicate the classroom experience in some form, they took to social media to document the process of getting their scrubs and white coats delivered, taking photos on campus, meeting their new academic society peers, and sharing their thoughts on their first week of medical school.

One of the many safety measures NSU-KPCOM has instilled during the COVID-19 pandemic is the continuation of online classes with its bachelor’s, master’s, and D.O. programs. The D.O. curriculum has undergone the most changes, as classes have been rearranged to front-load lectures and backload laboratories.

While some lab experiences have been converted to an online platform, all classes requiring interpersonal contact have been moved to the winter term for the time being. With exams, lectures, and rotations converted to online, the college has made sure all student services will be available via Zoom, such as counseling (career, academic, and financial), tutoring, and psychological support, along with the use of campus buildings with masks and social-distancing guidelines in place.

If the college decides to offer in-person classes, it will be an option for students to select during the fall term—not a requirement. The KPCOM aims to resume its usual operations in-person in January 2021.