KPCOM Adds B.S. in Health Informatics to its Academic Offerings

On May 28, NSU’s New Program Review Committee approved the Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics program, which will commence in fall 2021. The program is a collaboration between the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine (KPCOM) and the NSU College of Computing and Engineering (CCE).

Students can expect a rich undergraduate curriculum, where they will have an opportunity to apply core concepts of health informatics to myriad fields, including mental health, public health, nutrition, clinical practice, private sector, and non-health professions. B.S. in Health Informatics students will have a few choices in the degree paths they can take, such as pursuing a straight four-year degree or a dual-admission in the B.S. in Health Informatics and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine programs.

The B.S. in Health Informatics program looks forward to working with the CCE as educators, mentors, and guides for incoming students on their academic journey. The program will offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that is focused on cultivating and developing health information technology (HIT) knowledge, skills, and attitudes, allowing graduates to pursue successful and meaningful careers in HIT.

Graduates will be able to interpret, gather, clean, analyze, and present HIT data and information while

acquiring the necessary applicable knowledge and skills to create or enhance existing HIT processes and systems—improving health care organizational operations while meeting their goals. Students will learn to recognize the importance of lifelong learning and be a champion of HIT adoption.