Physical Distancing May Be New for Humans, 
Not So Much For Whale Sharks

When it comes to physical (social) distancing, humans could learn a thing or two from whale sharks. Seeing one in the ocean is a rare occurrence, indeed, and a big deal – so much so that a recent sighting off the west coast of Florida made several news reports.

For a group of research scientists, “Rio Lady” is one whale shark that shows just how physical distancing works. She was originally ‘tagged’ in 2007 and hadn’t been seen since her tag popped off a few months later. That was until 2011. And she’s since been “re-tagged,” this time with a satellite tag that is showing some remarkable results.

You can read the full press release ONLINE. In addition, enclosed are high resolution photos you can use and here’s a link to b-roll video from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.