NSU Researcher Part of Team to Document Fish Migration in the Deep-Sea

If you are looking for some science news that isn’t COVID0-19 related, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) has got you covered!

Scientists have, for the first time, documented seasonal migrations of fishes across the deep seafloor, revealing an important insight that will further scientific understanding of the nature of our planet.

The study, published in the Journal of Animal Ecology and led by NSU and the University of Glasgow – analyzed more than seven years of deep-sea photographic data from West Africa. It linked seasonal patterns in surface-ocean productivity with observed behavioral patterns of fishes at 1,500 meters.

You can read the full press release ONLINE. Also enclosed are high-res photos to use with the story. For the photo of the fishes, here are the identifications of each:

(a – b) Grenadiers; (c – d) Halosaurs; (e – f) Eels; (g – h) Cusk Eels; (i) Brotulids; (j) Tripod fish; (k) Snail fish; (l) Morid cod; (m) Portuguese dogfish; (n) Eelpout

We all could use a little break from COVID-19 news, and this scientific discovery may just be the ticket!