Doctoral Student at the Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice Recognized for Project Based Learning in the Classroom

Simone T. Lewis

Simone T. Lewis, doctoral student at the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice was recently highlighted for her use of Project Based Learning (PBL) in the classroom by Broward County Public Schools. She is currently a 7th grade intensive reading teacher at Margate Middle School.

Her featured project revolved around the impact of harmful marine life such as jellyfish and red algae on the life of Floridians. The project began when a group of students asked what harm could come to them personally after reading a text about these invasive species. Instead of directly answering, Simone suggested to the class to do some research to find out together. Incorporating the hands on experience, while exploring science, art and history within the context of reading class has led to increased student and parent engagement.

In addition to her innovative classroom, Simone is an accomplished author. In 2016 she published her first children’s book in an anticipated series, “The Adventures of Seth and Shadow, Super- Duper Student of the Week.” Inspired by the daily routines of her then four-year-old son, Seth, who struggled with accepting the weekly defeat of not being selected as student of the week. Seth would often cry stating that he would never be good enough to be student of the week no matter how hard he tried. When he finally persevered, and became student of the week, Simone decided to document his adventures with Shadow, the classroom mascot by creating a book using pictures she had taken and the services of her local pharmacy’s photo development department. Little did she know that this would deliver Seth and Shadow Books.

Simone is a two time NSU alum. She graduated with a bachelor’s in Applied Studies with a concentration in Psychology and earned her Master’s in Reading. She is expected to graduate later this year with her doctorate of education. Her dissertation is titled, “Using PBL and Total Physical Response in the classroom”.

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