Dr. Hum Contest Winners Announced!

This fall, NSU’s Center for the Humanities announced its new Dr. Hum: Ask Me Anything video blog series. Each episode invites a new Dr. Hum, or humanities professor, to answer YOUR questions about the humanities. As part of this new launch, the Center for the Humanities hosted a contest inviting students to submit questions about anything ‘humanities’. This October, Dr. Hum will release responses to the top contest winners on Instagram (@nsu_humanities) and YouTube! The first video, set to release on October 2, will address Meroshah Khan’s “Most Timely Question”! Look out for more Dr. Hum videos in late October! While the contest is over, the Dr. Hum series still welcomes your questions. Submit your questions about anything ‘humanities’ to humanities@nova.edu! All students of all majors welcome!

Here are the winners:

“Most Timely Question” Award

  • “Now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s term as a Supreme Court justice has unfortunately ended, what does this mean for the Supreme Court in terms of the next appointed judge? How does someone get nominated for the position?” -Meroshah Khan, Political Science Major, Class 2023

 “Most Universal Question” Award (Three-way Tie)

  • “Has the introduction of the internet created more connections or divisions?” – Jamie Thompson, Psychology Major, Class 2022
  • “Has technology aided us to save time and energy in the time budget model or has it depleted our cognitive abilities pertaining to socialization? Is technology worth it?” -Ashley Guillen-Tapia, Biology Major, Class 2024
  • “How have the humanities helped us progress as a society and how do we decipher the things that may be hurting our progression? i.e. social media/technology.” -Emily Falcon, Biology Major, Class 2024

“Heart” Award

  • “Throughout our lives we’re told how in many situations we don’t really know ourselves. Exactly what would be factors for oneself to know that he truly understands himself?” – Joseph Nahon, Computer Science Major, Class 2024