Education Alum Starts Telemedicine Consulting Firm to Reach Underserved Populations

Shelley J. Cooper, Ed.D.

Shelley J. Cooper, Ed.D., graduate of NSU’s Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice, founded Diversity Telehealth in 2015, a telemedicine consulting firm located in Kansas City’s historic 18th & Vine Jazz District that specializes in bringing healthcare to underserved populations in diverse communities.  Diversity Telehealth has formed relationships with area healthcare and civic organizations that are attempting to revitalize a culturally rich, but underserved groups within its urban core.

Cooper is a 25-year veteran educator who became interested in continuing her dedication to service by studying telemedicine and earning her Doctorate degree in Education with NSU’s Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice in 2014. Her dissertation, “Opinion Leaders’ Perspective of the Benefits and Barriers in Telemedicine: A Grounded Theory Study of Telehealth in the Midwest” laid the foundation for the establishment of Diversity Telehealth.

She also provides no-cost telehealth services for families in need through her 501c3 organization, Diversity Telehealth Community Network, Inc. She is currently introducing her SureShow app, a patent-pending, revenue generating app that reduces clinical no-shows by infusing telehealth options. Most recently she was featured in the Kansas Medicine, The Journal of the New Kansas City Medical Society; she has also contributed to KC Our Health Matters, Diversity in Action Educational Journal and multiple telehealth webinars.

You may find her contribution to the Journal of the New Kansas City Medical Society on page 26, by clicking here.

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