Halmos Biology Faculty Helps Lifelong Learners Protect Their Feet

As the heat of summer continues into September, Life-Long Learning members learned about how to protect their feet from the summer heat last month. Halmos faculty member Mark Jaffe, DPM, MHSA presented a Zoom seminar entitled, “All Toes on Deck: Tips for Protecting Feet from the Summer Heat”. In this seminar, Dr. Jaffe talked about how your feet are vulnerable in the summer sun. It included useful tips and a check list that would keep feet safe.

When on vacation it is important to remember that your feet need as much sunscreen as your neck and arms! It is important to have an on the go foot gear check list that includes the right foot gear for the right environment, a first aid kit for feet, and to keep you and your feet well hydrated.

The Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is longstanding at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Founded in 1977, the LLI serves lifelong learning passions of retired adults. The LLI, which is a center within the College of Osteopathic Medicine, is located on NSU’s Fort Lauderdale East Campus. The LLI was founded to complete the NSU dream of education spanning a whole lifetime, from preschool to older-adult learning.