KPCOM Takes Action in COVID-19 Aid

The KPCOM OMS-I Class Board and SGA Executive at the Fort Lauderdale/Davie and Tampa Bay Regional campuses raised more than $16,000 to purchase FDA-approved personal protective equipment (PPE) for Florida hospitals in need. They also purchased supplies to make about 100 care packages for the families of health care workers affected by COVID-19. The care packages which were delivered to a local hospital, consisted of pasta, pasta sauce, popcorn, cough drops, tissues, playing cards, coffee, and thank-you cards.

“As soon as quarantine really began, we were all very eager to help out in any way we could,” said OMS-II Charles Bisbee, SGA president-elect. “I think as students in the field of medicine, we have an understanding of the hard work and tenacity that is required of the frontline health care providers in the fight against COVID-19.”

Part of what also made the project such a success was the involvement of students outside of the D.O. program. By including NSU’s Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine, along with various clubs and organizations, the original goals of raising funds and creating care packages were quickly surpassed. Social media efforts with fun Tik Tok videos further boosted morale while raising awareness.

“Our KPCOM, alongside our M.D. school, collectively raised more than $16,000 in our initiative to help provide PPE for health care providers, provide COVID-19-affected patients the funds for uncovered expenses, and to help provide care packages for the families of health care providers affected by COVID-19,” said OMS-I Aneil Tawakalzada, class of 2023 president. “This was an incredible accomplishment that truly helped illustrate how willing our student body is to get involved and to help make a difference. Our medical students at NSU are truly remarkable.”