Halmos College Assistant Dean Co-edits Book for Springer

In Spring 2020, Springer – International Publisher Science, Technology, Medicine released “Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education III”, co-edited by Halmos assistant dean and professor Matthew He, Ph.D.

This book discusses the latest advances in the development of artificial intelligence systems and their applications in various fields, from medicine and technology to education. It comprises papers presented at the Third International Conference of Artificial Intelligence, Medical Engineering, Education (AIMEE2019), held at the Mechanical Engineering Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, on 1–3 October 2019. Covering topics such as mathematics and biomathematics; medical approaches; and technological and educational approaches, it is intended for the growing number of specialists and students in this field, as well as other readers interested in discovering where artificial intelligence systems can be applied in the future.